“Predictions are tough, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra had some great one-liners. This one is particularly appropriate right now. This was/will be a tense week. The election will have come and gone, but we might not have the results when this gets printed. Then again, we might. Elections are stressful! What if the other guy wins?

Biblical election might appear stressful, but unlike a political election, we can have the assurance that biblical election will turn out great. It is written in 2 Peter 1:10 that Christians are make their calling and ELECTION sure. While we have very little control over any given political election, we have a great deal of input into our own spiritual election. Peter tells us how to in 2 Peter 1:3-9.

First, we recognize our election comes from God (v. 3). Second, we recognize we don’t deserve it. (v. 4). Then we keep adding to our faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly affection, and love (vv. 5-7). There are consequences for not building these character qualities (vv.8, 9), and there are rewards for building them – entrance into the eternal kingdom (vv. 10, 11)! Imagine what an election would look like if everybody tried to add these qualities to their lives. Elections would never be the same. 

Yogi was right, predictions are tough, but God makes tough things look easy. You can win this election. Let’s sit down together over an open Bible and discover how.

Stop by our noon Bible study on Wednesdays. We are studying how to study the Bible. Bring yours! We would also love to see you Sunday at 10:45.

Photo by Teigan Rodger on Unsplash


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