There is a scene in McFarland, USA when Kevin Costner had worked in the fields until all he could do was lay on the ground, moaning in misery. Some people see Christianity like that and ask, “Is it worth it?”

In John 15:1-17, Jesus talks to His disciples about bearing fruit. Christ expects His people to bear fruit. We don’t bear fruit in order to be clean (15:3), but it is a natural consequence of abiding in Jesus’ words (15:4-6, 8, 10, 16). The fruit we bear brings glory to God (15:8). The 

The fruit we bear is love (15:10, 12, 17). The fruit we bear does not come from within ourselves but comes from God (15:9).

The fruit that Christians bear does not come from themselves. It is an outgrowth of the love that God supplies to us through Christ. The labor that we do is not to earn God’s favor, but because we desire to glorify the God who gives such amazing grace. Are you living a life that your neighbor or coworker can say, “I see God working in you.”? If not, you don’t need to figure out a way to try harder; you simply need to abide in Jesus’s word. 

Abiding in Jesus’ word is not back-breaking work, but a rest for our souls (Matthew 11:29). Do you want a rest that produces fruit beyond imagination? Sit down with me over an open Bible, and let’s study together what it means to abide in Jesus’ word.

Wednesday at noon or Sunday at 10:45 – hope to see you there!

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash


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