They have a purpose. Stoplights exist so that there will be fewer accidents. They tell us when we can safely go through an intersection and when we can’t. Imagine a world where people regularly ignored stoplights. Stoplights have a purpose.

In John 15:17, Jesus gives us a spiritual traffic light. “These things I command you, so that you may love one another” (ESV). What had Jesus commanded? Bear fruit by abiding in Him. When two people are in Jesus, they naturally love each other. People who love each other do right by each other. People who love Jesus try to do right by everybody.

Sometimes people ignore traffic lights and hurt others. When that happens, we don’t lay the blame on all drivers everywhere. When people who wear the name Christians ignore Jesus’ command to bear fruit, they hurt others. When that happens, do we lay the blame on all Christians everywhere? Too many people do.

Has a spiritual stoplight runner hurt you? Have you hurt others running spiritual stoplights? Jesus invites you to abide in Him. In Jesus, we find the healing for our hurt. We are placed into Jesus when we faithfully and obediently submit to baptism (Gal 3:25-27). We remain in Christ by bearing fruit through abiding in His word. Do you want that for yourself? Sit down with me over an open Bible, and let’s study how we can be fruit bearers for Jesus.

We still meet Sunday morning at 10:45, but starting in November, we will have a Wednesday video Bible class at noon. We will study how to study the Bible. I hope to see you there!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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