“Bring me a rock.” I hated getting taskings like this. We went and found a “rock,” only to find out the boss wanted a rounder rock, or smoother, or purple. We wondered if the rock we found was the right one. Of course, the military seldom looks for rocks, but some projects felt that way.

In John 18:2-11, a band of soldiers sought Jesus. Jesus asks them, “Whom do you seek?” He asks twice. Each time the answer was, “Jesus of Nazareth.” It is true that Jesus was raised in Nazareth, but if all they were looking for was a man from a small town in Galilee, they were seeking the wrong Jesus.

Today, people seek Jesus. Some seek a Jesus who only hears complaints. Others seek a Jesus who grants wishes at their beck-and-call. Others seek a convenient Jesus who shows up on Sunday but then leaves them alone. Yet others seek a Jesus who showers them with wealth and health. Because of all the Jesus’ people seek, some stopped seeking Jesus long ago.

Who is the Jesus you seek? Jesus is God. He is the one who makes peace between God and us. He is the one who gives eternal life. He is the one who asks us to live for and to die for Him. He is the one who makes us look weird to the world. Who is the Jesus you seek?

If you seek the biblical Jesus, won’t you sit down with me over an open Bible? We can seek the real Jesus together!

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Photo by USGS on Unsplash


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