The colonel told me to keep it short. His exact words were, “Parsimony of word is a virtue.” I don’t know if he quoted someone famous, but it did reflect an ancient American proverb, “Waste not, want not.”

In John 12:3-5, Mary opened very costly perfume, poured it on Jesus’ feet. Then she wiped His feet with her hair. In John 12:4-5, Judas objected to the wasteful use of the ointment. In John 12:6-7, we see Judas only wanted money for himself, so Jesus told him to leave Mary alone and keep the rest for His burial.

In short, Mary had a very precious gift for Jesus. Opening the bottle meant breaking the top off. Once broken, it would quickly spoil if not all used. Mary loved Jesus so much that regardless of what others thought, she knew Jesus was more than worthy of that gift. She also demonstrated Jesus was worthy of more than just perfume by her humbling devotion to Jesus’ feet. 

What is Jesus worth to you? There is no treasure too expensive or service too humbling to give Jesus. We can never repay Jesus for the salvation He offers His people. He doesn’t ask us to buy Him perfume today, but He asks that we become His disciples. Won’t you sit down over an open Bible and study with me all Jesus intends for us?

Please visit with us on Sunday at 9:30 and 10:45. A few hours focusing on God are not a waste, but a virtue. Parsimony with God is not a virtue, but a waste!

Photo by Tahereh Amin on Unsplash


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