New parents place a lot of value on their baby’s first words. Will the baby say, “mahmah” first, or “dhuhdhuh”? Either mom or dad will get the bragging rights. But what if those first words are, “dohg-ee”!?

Jesus’ first words as a human are not recorded in the Bible, but each gospel writer records a first statement from Jesus. In the book of John, these words are written in John 1:38, and they are very dramatic words. John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and told them He was the Lamb of God. Those two disciples followed behind Jesus. Then He turned around, stared at them for what must have seemed an eternity. Then we have the words, “What are you seeking?”

Those words were directed to the disciples. As happens so often in John’s gospel, statements serve a double purpose. They record what was said, and they speak directly to the reader. This question, “What are you seeking” is one of those statements. The question comes down through the ages to each reader. That question is intended for me and for you.

What are YOU seeking? One might answer, “a good-paying job,” others, “pleasure,” or, “the approval of others.” But if that answer doesn’t resonate with your soul, maybe you are actually looking for something else. Maybe you are looking for Jesus? If so, won’t you let me know? I would like nothing better than to sit down with you over an open Bible seeking Jesus.

Please plan on dropping by once the isolation is over!

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