When I was in high school, the end of the year brought the superlatives. Someone made a list with, “Most likely to ____.” Generally, they were positive and highlighted positive future accomplishments. Others were just cruel, “Most likely to fail.” Cruel.

During Jesus’ ministry, the woman at the well of John 4 was one most likely to fail. She was a woman of ill repute. Her neighbors thought so lowly of her she had to get her water in the heat of the day. Nevertheless, Jesus took the time to talk with her. Their conversation is fascinating, and Jesus keeps bringing it back to spiritual matters. During their discussion the woman goes through a series of realizations. First, Jesus was a Jew (John 4:9). Then Jesus was a prophet (v. 19). Next, Jesus was the Christ (v. 26). Finally, she had to tell others about Jesus (v. 29). This “failing” woman was someone to be brought into God’s family.

Do others make you feel like this woman? Too many say they are going nowhere in life, and it breaks my heart when I hear that. Jesus wanted the woman at the well, and He wants you too! When we realize who Jesus is and come to Him in humble obedience, He adds us to His family. There is no better family to be in. In this life, no one deserves to be thought of as “most likely to fail.” Everyone can eternally succeed in Jesus.

Are you looking to fill a God-sized hole in your life, but are not sure how to fill it? Let’s sit down over an open Bible and study together to make sure Jesus places us on His superlative list.

Photo by Giancarlo Revolledo on Unsplash


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