His name was Joey. We were in high school together for two years. One afternoon Joey was just so amused thinking about the phrase, “Look! Do you hear that?” It was amusing because while the phrase was perfectly understandable, it didn’t actually make much sense. After all, how can you use your eyes to hear something?

In John 10, Jesus says that He is the Good Shepherd and His sheep hear His voice. If we want to have Jesus as our souls’ Shepherd, then we must hear His voice. If we hear His voice, then He will provide for our needs. That begs the question: how do we hear His voice?

We do not hear the physical voice of Jesus today. Instead, we see His teachings in the Bible. When we read the Bible (or listen to them if someone else is reading aloud for us), we hear His voice. In a very real sense, we LOOK at Scripture to HEAR His voice.

The meaning of “hearing” in the New Testament goes beyond mere stimulation of the auditory nerves. The biblical definition of “hearing” also includes “obeying.” We cannot start to hear Jesus’ voice unless we read it in the Bible. We cannot claim to hear Jesus’ voice unless we obey what He tells us in the Bible.

Look! Do you hear that? Jesus is calling you today through the Bible. After hearing His voice, will you do what His voice says? Won’t you sit down with me over that open Bible and study what the Good Shepherd says to us today? Be sure to drop by on Sunday at 9:30 or 10:45!

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash


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