How much longer? Maybe you have a countdown app on your phone, or you place a big “X” on the calendar every day. Sometimes it can’t just get here soon enough. A birthday, graduation, retirement, or getting out of a cast/quarantine can make time feel like it is standing still. Anticipation. At other times, we dread the moment’s arrival. Waiting for a diagnosis or a call from hospice – the time feels both like it drags on. Dread. And then time passes all too quickly. Be it good or bad; when it finally happens, the wait is over. It is finished.

Jesus had a task to complete. It was a monumental task, even the focal point of history. But it came with great personal loss. His task required the death of God. In John 19:30, when the moment finally arrived, He uttered, “It is finished.”

There was no more for Him to do. Salvation had been made available to all. Salvation had been made freely available. Salvation had been made totally available, no matter the sin in anyone’s life. Jesus’ work was done. There was nothing more to do.

How will you respond to Jesus’ finished work? Will you accept the gift of salvation, or will you try to go your own way? Since Jesus’ work is done, there are no other ways to salvation except through submission and obedience to His will.

Won’t you sit down with me over an open Bible and study about how Jesus’ finished work can empower our lives today and into an eternity that will never again know the words, “It is finished.”

Contact me if you would like to join our Zoom meeting on Sunday.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash


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