It was a new job outside my career field. That meant learning new acronyms and new regulations. It also meant dealing with a lot more civilians. At first, so much didn’t make sense. By the time I left the assignment, I had a firm grasp of what didn’t make sense at first.

In John 20, Peter and the disciples didn’t know what to make of the empty tomb of Jesus. They also didn’t understand why Jesus died. Not yet, anyway. But that empty tomb represented the most significant event in the Bible. Yes, Jesus suffered and died for our sins, but our hope is built on so much more than that. Jesus laid His life down, and He took it up again (John 10:17). Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we can have hope of eternal life (John 11:25).

The resurrection may not make sense at first, but in studying Scripture, you will see that everything in Christianity hangs upon resurrection. Jesus was resurrected. One day, so shall we. Without the resurrection, there is no hope in this world, only certainty of death and meaninglessness. However, because of the resurrection, we can live in this world with joy and peace. When our world crumbles around us, it doesn’t make sense at first. But in light of the resurrection, we can understand that no catastrophe can steal the resurrection from us.

Do you want joy and peace in your life? Through the resurrection, you can have it! Won’t you sit down with me over an open Bible? Let’s study how we can accept God’s offer of resurrection.

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