There are some things people just won’t believe, despite the evidence. Perhaps they reject the evidence. Maybe they don’t like the conclusion drawn from the evidence. It might even be that they fabricate evidence contrary to the truth. Reasonable people, however, draw conclusions from reasonable evidence. How much evidence do you need?

In John 20:19-23, we read about “Doubting” Thomas. He was not present when Jesus first showed Himself to be alive. The other disciples told Thomas about the visit, but he would have none of it. Joseph had the evidence of the other disciples’ testimony, but that was not enough.

He required more evidence. He insisted on physically examining the body of the Lord before he would believe.

Today, we cannot physically examine Jesus’ body. That does not mean that there is no evidence. It simply means that we may not have all the evidence we want. Some people set the level of evidence required at an unreasonable level. Some reject evidence out-of-hand. Some have never heard the evidence of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

I invite you to examine the evidence. Let’s sit down and talk – we can talk about chemistry, or some other science, or philosophy, or theology. Personally, I would love even more to sit down with you and talk about my Master and the exceeding precious promise He makes to us. We can do that over an open Bible. I do ask, however, that you decide how much evidence you reasonably need to make a reasonable decision before ignoring, rejecting, or replacing evidence.

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