…let me count the ways. Those are the opening words of Elizabeth Browning’s 43 sonnet. What strikes me as odd about the sonnet is that she described her emotions, but she didn’t list any actions to show how she loved. I don’t doubt she loved deeply, but if her love extended no further than words, was it really love?

How many people feel that way about Jesus? How does Jesus feel about us? He loved us so much that He did something for us. Does He ask for anything in return? In John 14:15, it is written, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” The same thought is repeated in verses 21, 23, and 24. Jesus keeps tying the word “love” to the words “keep” and “commandments.”

Christianity is not a philosophy, although it definitely affects the way we think about the meaning of life. Christianity is not a social club, although we certainly build relationships with a great many people in the church. Christianity is action. God does His part by showing love, and we respond by showing love to Him, to each other, to everyone.

Love is not words. Anyone can say words. Love is action. In John 14, that action requires us to keep His commandments. Consider what the opposite of Jesus’ statement would look like. “If I don’t love Jesus, I will not keep His commandments.” Do you love Jesus?

How can we love Jesus? Let us count the ways…over an open Bible and study together what the Bible has to say about commandments and love. Won’t you drop by on Sunday morning? We would love to see you!

Photo by Janice Gill on Unsplash


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