Sometimes we have to do a double-take. We miss it at first glance, and we have to look at it again to really see it.

In John 17, we read Jesus’ prayer to the Father. In this single chapter, Jesus uses the word “world” 18 times! How important was the world to Jesus if He mentioned the “world” 18 times in prayer?

If Jesus communicated how much He truly cared for the world, and went through the trauma of the cross to give them life, then how should we in this life? Do we look upon the “undesirables” as people to be avoided? Or do we instead, refuse to call anyone “undesirable”?

Perhaps religious people have made you feel undesirable? Perhaps others have made you feel you just aren’t good enough for Jesus to save you? If so, consider this: Jesus thinks so highly of you that on the night before He died, He talked at length about you, us, and everybody.

I hope you read John 17 and do a double-take on what Jesus prayed.

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Photo by Julia Sadowska on Unsplash


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