Holy God, You Who are Creator of All That Is, You Who are Love’s source and example, You Who are the great I am, You who are the eternal comforter, and You who are Redeemer of mankind through the ages – past, present, and future – please hear this prayer.

You are Worthy: worthy of worship, worthy of devotion, and worthy of trust. Your perspective is both higher and broader than our own. Please overlook the weakness and fear in our hearts as we lay our petition before you. What seems so significant and insurmountable in our lives on earth must appear small and insignificant in Your sight, but we pray that You will lift the burden of this time from us. This time is a dark time for our generation. Many have fallen sick, and some have died. Many have lost their jobs, and some go hungry. Help us turn toward You and Your Word both now, and after the dark time has passed. Help us to turn toward each other and give what comfort we can without concern for our personal interests. Help us turn toward the outsider without fear, and provide for those who lack food, clothing, or shelter. Help us to shine all the more brightly as we reflect Your glory and goodness during this time when we are surrounded by darkness and despair.

We cannot save ourselves and completely depend on Your mercy and grace. Please relieve us of our anxieties as we cast them upon You. Please help us to be more obedient to Your will and comforted by Your love. This prayer is offered by the name of Jesus, the Master and Redeemer. May it be so.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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